Boost Your Skin's Hydration with this Simple Fix


Winter weather can wreak havoc on our skin.  Dry, cold air, indoor rooms with the heat cranked up can suck the life out of our skin.  It seems as though we go from soft and dewy to dehydrated and lackluster in a matter of minutes.  What to do? 

Our Rose Hydrating Toner/Mist is a blissful spritz away from replenishing dry or dehydrated skin.  Alcohol-free, infused with luxurious organic Bulgarian rose water and essential oil, it calms and soothes sensitive, stressed skin. 

Essential minerals revitalize the skin, glycerin draws water to the skin, providing much-needed hydration, and organic sunflower seed oil softens and smooths. 

The true-to-nature subtle rose fragrance is nirvana, calming and invigorating the overstimulated body and soul.  All that in one little spritz!

How to use:  Apply toner after cleansing to help balance skin’s pH and remove any remaining impurities.  Damp skin also allows serum and/or moisturizer to deliver maximum benefits to the skin. After applying makeup, spritz to help set makeup and get a fresh-faced look as well.

And then there’s the rest of the day.  I don’t leave home without my toner.  I carry the 1 oz mini in my purse.  I admit I’m toner-obsessed, but nothing refreshes, softens, and brings  to life my skin like this Hydrating Rose Toner. 

And the fragrance is heaven-sent.  It's as though I’ve walked by my neighbor’s rose bushes and have literally “stopped to smell the roses.”  For me, it is so soothing and brings me back to nature, even if for a few seconds.  I spritz every night before bed to quiet down the day.

So this winter, or any time your skin is just feeling dry, tired, or blah, our Rose Hydrating Toner/Mist may be just what you’re looking for.  Click here to find your bliss.

(A special thanks to Jen Mathews for spotlighting our Rose Toner on her My Beauty Bunny blog, an award-winning, top 10 cruelty-free beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog.  You’ll find everything you need to learn more about going cruelty-free and where to shop for products that are not tested on animals.  Every small step makes a difference!)

Laurme Rose Hydrating toner

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