City of Hope & Breast Cancer Awareness


It’s a rare woman who doesn’t know someone who has battled breast cancer.  For me, of course, it was closer to home than I could have ever imagined.  My sister was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in January 2012.  Over the next two years she endured a dozen surgeries, including a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and some unbelievably painful side effects.

Today she is cancer-free, and I am in awe every day of her courage!!  It was her ravaged skin and seeing her struggle that became my inspiration for following my passion and creating my own skin care line.

I had sensitive and problem skin my entire life, but it paled in comparison to my sister’s.  I watched as she lost her hair, her eyebrows, battled fatigue.  Her red, dehydrated and fragile skin was yet another outward reminder of the toll cancer and its treatment can take.  Throughout it all, she soldiered on, rarely voicing what she was struggling with, but it broke my heart knowing how much she was suffering.

I wanted to give her something in some small way that could ease her discomfort.  My sensitive skin care line was created with her in mind.  Premium natural and organic ingredients were a must.  The formulations had to hydrate and nourish, soothe and calm skin.  We looked to science for proven ingredients to fight sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles as well. 

It was years in the making, but I am proud to offer a skin care line specifically for those with sensitive and stressed skin.  My sister is my best friend, and I am so blessed to have her in my life every day.  I couldn’t love her more.  My sensitive skin care line honors her and all she is to me.

Laurmé Skin Care donates a portion of all proceeds to the City of Hope.  I have personal experience with a family member being treated there, and I go there every year for my annual mammogram. 

There are many cancers that afflict women other than breast cancer.  All require cutting-edge research, and City of Hope is at the forefront. 

Their mission:  “At City of Hope, we treat you as an individual whose life will be made whole again.  We combine science with soul to work miracles.”

The top photo is what you see when you walk into the City of Hope medical facility. They embody this philosophy at every turn. You are treated as a whole being, far more than just your physical state of health.  The doctors and staff are an amazing combination of medical expertise combined with compassion.  

Your purchases help support the services provided at City of Hope as well as much-needed cancer research. 

The picture below shows messages of hope and inspiration that patients and those who love and support them hang from trees at City of Hope.  Those who battle cancer are not alone in their fight.  


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