Seasonal Skin Care Made Simple


You don't need a complete overhaul of your skin care routine for each season. We know the weather, environment, and our lifestyle affect our skin, but that's no reason to buy into the beauty industry’s hype about more is better and every season calls for a complete revamping of our skin care routine.

Laurmé Skin Care offers low-maintenance, high-performance skin care that delivers uncompromising results – effortlessly.  Our products are specially formulated to offer multiple benefits - no complicated skin care routines, no dizzying product categories. 

Here are some ways our facial products pull double duty.

Our 2-in-1 Gentle Cleansing Milk -  Gentle, yet powerful, it cleans dirt and debris off your face, yet doesn't strip all the oils from your skin.  Whether it's winter or summer, this cleanser does the job.  And it's gentle enough to remove eye make-up as well!

Our Rose Hydrating Toner/Mist has seemingly endless uses.  It can be used after cleansing to prepare skin for moisturization, a quick spritz during the day to rehydrate and refresh, spritz to set makeup, spritz to calm an overstimulated mind.  This is one product I never leave home without - rain or shine! You can read more about our Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil and Water and its many benefits on a previous blog post.

Our Ultra Hydrating Facial Cream is gentle enough to be used as an eye cream – and works day or night.   

Our Vitamin C Brightening Serum can be used instead of a face cream, works great in place of an eye cream, and blends seamlessly with makeup.

In fact, all of our serums can work as stand-alone moisturizers.  Maybe you're in a humid environment or your skin just feels adequately hydrated.  Skip the face cream and just use a serum.  That ensures you get the benefits of vitamins and anti-oxidants for your skin without adding additional moisturization.  

Switching out which serum you use is often all you need to address your skin's needs on any given day.  You can read my Effortless Guide to Serum Comparison blog post for a quick-and-easy way to identify which serum is best suited for your skin's needs.  

The point is you don’t need 4 cleansers, 5 toners, 10 face creams, and 10 serums to get the best care possible for your skin.

If you’re not sure which products to choose without breaking the bank or how they might feel on your skin, our Travel/Gift sets are an ideal way to experiment, plus the minis are great for carrying in your purse or throwing in your overnight bag!

Skin Care Travel Gift Sets

I love answering questions.  So let me know, what are your skin concerns?

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