The Importance of Washing your Face


Yeah, our moms always told us not to go to bed without washing our faces, and when we were younger, maybe we could get away with it, but there’s good wisdom in mom’s advice.

Obviously, if we’re wearing makeup all day, there’s a lot of dirt and and debris that needs to be washed off.  But even if we go make-up free, our skin is constantly being covered with environmental pollutants, bacteria, dirt, and dead skin cells hanging around being not helpful at all.

So what does cleansing actually do for our skin:

It helps unclog pores.  If follicles and pores are blocked, sweat, sebum, and dead skin cells are trapped, making it difficult for moisturizers and other skin care products to absorb better. 

We actually need to allow sebum to the skin surface to help prevent bacteria from entering the skin, which can cause acne, which is the reason why (despite what you may have been told) you can have dry, oily skin.  I know.  It’s not right. 

Cleansing is also a good way to slough off the dead skin cells, but you don’t need harsh cleansers to accomplish this.  Squeaky clean can mean you’ve stripped the good oils from your skin, and that's definitely something we want to avoid.   

So the first step in radiant, glowing skin begins with cleansing.  Our 2-in-1 Gentle Cleansing Milk is luxuriously rich and creamy, for all skin types, and is gentle enough to be used as an eye makeup remover!!  Love double-duty skin care.

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