Why Exercise is Good for Your Skin


The benefits of exercise are well known.  It causes blood flow to increase, and our hearts, lungs, brains, muscles, and cardiovascular systems benefit. Toxins are flushed from our body, which helps unclog pores, and blood carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout the body help nourish our skin cells.  But what does that really mean to healthy-looking skin?  

It’s no secret our skin changes as we age.  Visibly we see fine lines and crow’s feet.  The outer layer of our skin, made up mostly of dead skin cells and some collagen, begins to thicken.  Our skin becomes drier and flakier.   

The layer of skin right below the epidermis begins to thin, resulting in a loss of elasticity and sagging skin.

It appears researchers are now discovering that in those after age 40 who engage in moderate exercise (three hours a week), there appears to be a marked difference in the skin structure.  The outer layer of skin is thinner and healthier and the underlying dermis layers are thicker. 

An article published in the NY Times, Younger Skin Through Exercise, reports researchers’ findings that study participants’ skin “was closer in composition to that of 20- and 30-year-olds than to that of others their age, even if they were past 65.”   

That's pretty exciting and very encouraging news! And it's yet another reason to get out, smell the roses, take charge, and get our bodies moving! 

Just a reminder, if you opt for outdoor exercise, don’t forget to wear sunscreen!  Also, our Vitamin C Brightening Serum is ideally suited for environmentally stressed skinl! 

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