Our Promise to You


  • Responsibly & Ethically Sourced Premium Ingredients

  • Always Cruelty-Free & Leaping Bunny Certified

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging that Supports Women & Families

  • Giving Back to Find a Cure for Cancer & Proudly Made in the USA

Laurmé Skin Care is here to bring serenity back into your every day.

A warm coastal breeze, your toes at the edge of a gentle surf, sparkling sunlit water as far as the eye can see.

That feeling of comfort and calm is why we created our company in the first place; so you can breathe easy, knowing we are here to support what’s truly important; Health, kindness and simplicity, as well as nourished skin.

Health is more than surface deep.

Our meticulously chosen, thoroughly vetted ingredients are gentle and safe for your skin and body for long-term, holistic wellbeing. We know you are striving toward overall, better health, and we are right beside you on the path toward wellness.

Read more about what we do and positively do not put in our products.

Compassion plus Care.

We know that you take care of others first, whether it’s an aging parent, spouse, children or friend. In fact, we do too. That’s why we’ve joined you in supporting a larger cause to provide care to those who need it. We started our company with the mission to give back on day one, by donating a portion of our profits to help find a cure for breast cancer. Self-care is essential, but we take kindness seriously too.

Let’s get clear on anti-aging products.

Looking around, we’ve seen other products promote the idea of eliminating the signs of aging. But what if we’re happy with the laugh lines that we’ve watched form over time? Our goal is not to reverse aging – because with age comes wisdom. Instead, we promote hydration, nourishment, softness, and overall healthy-looking skin. Our carefully blended botanical formulas foster a radiance from within, and the lasting feeling of velvety smooth skin.

Meet the Founder, Michele Fieldson

Dealing with sensitive skin my entire life, it has always been a challenge to find skin care products that could do more than simply not irritate my skin - which, for me, is a pretty big ask. Expensive products produced poor results, heavily pushed beauty-counter products never quite lived up to the hype, and more often than not, my skin felt as dry as a desert instead of dewy like the promised advertisement. It was only after my sister, Nancy, received a life-altering cancer diagnosis that I saw skin as so much more than just my isolated concerns.

Harsh cancer treatments ravaged my sister’s skin. Dehydrated, red, hypersensitive, she tried a variety of skin care products, most far too harsh for her skin. Nothing seemed to produce the promised results, and with little energy or desire to maneuver the complicated world of skin care, she did the best she could with what she had. This was the catalyst that sent me on the pursuit to create a different kind of skin care brand, ultimately leading me to launch Laurmé.

We're committed to providing safe, effective products, simply.

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