We Ensure

Non-toxic, high-quality, expertly vetted ingredients.

Always safe, gentle & effective

Our premium botanicals are sourced responsibly.

Each premium ingredient we select is chosen to reinforce our relationship with nature. We keep the value of responsible sourcing, sustainable harvesting, and fair trade practices at the forefront of our formula creation.

Ingredients chosen to promote nourishment & lock in hydration.

Selecting organic whenever possible, we focus on nurturing the skin with luxurious butters, oils and flower extracts. We always ensure safe, non-toxic, high-quality, vetted ingredients, so you can worry less.

Flowing ease into your daily routine.

Simple, clean, multi-functional care.

As we age and change, our skin care needs change too. We experience dullness and dry areas, as well as sensitivities that were otherwise never there. With Laurmé products, you'll begin to experience a deep sense of nourishment and ease. You'll love how our premium formulas are as effective as they are immersive to the senses.

Want to know the recipe for healthy, lustrous skin?

Cleanse, tone, nourish, hydrate. It’s as simple as that.

In a hurry?

Glide on nutrients, wipe off water-resistant mascara, mist on gentle calm, and moisturize while on the go. We believe that skin care should be effortless, so we’ve made it that way.

What is Sensitive Skin?

In the world of skincare, there are the typical categories – Dry, Oily, Combination. But as our skin changes, a new way of categorizing our skin is more fitting – Sensitive.

Sensitive skin tends to be more susceptible to changes in the environment – wind, sun, heat, or cold can cause an uncomfortable feeling. Other factors can be lack of sleep, hormones, dyes and fragrance, or environmental stressors. Beyond external factors, illness, thin skin, or treatments can cause our skin to become reactive, inflamed or more delicate.

We recommend starting with products that exclude harsh dyes, fragrances, and chemicals, and instead focus on protection, nourishment, and comfort.

Every formula at Laurmé was created with Sensitive Skin in mind.

Find a product that's right for you.

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