Dealing with sensitive skin my entire life...

it has always been a challenge to find skin care products that could do more than simply not irritate my skin – which, for me, is a pretty big ask. Expensive products produced poor results, heavily pushed beauty-counter products never quite lived up to the hype, and more often than not, my skin felt as dry as a desert instead of dewy like the promised advertisement.

It was only after my sister, Nancy, received a life-altering cancer diagnosis that I saw skin as so much more than just my isolated concerns.

Harsh cancer treatments ravaged my sister's skin. Dehydrated, red, hypersensitive, she tried a variety of skin care products, most far too harsh for her. Nothing seemed to help, and with little energy or desire to maneuver the complicated world of skin care, she did the best she could with what she had.

This was the catalyst that sent me on the pursuit to create a different kind of skin care brand, one that put sensitivities and nourishment first, with honest results.


Laurmé Skin Care is inspired by two of the strongest and most courageous women I know.

My mom's influence as a true role model and my sister’s bravery – coupled with my mission – drove me to develop the collection that now makes up Laurmé. My mom, Laura, an independent spirit and my greatest inspiration (including naming Laurmé after her), went from homemaker with no job experience to bookkeeper in order to support four young kids on a single-family income. She taught me determination, strength and persevering when giving up is not an option. Without her I could never have taken on this role as entrepreneur.

My sister is my best friend. When she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, heartbeats throughout our family came to a collective standstill.

Standing by watching helplessly as she endured chemotherapy, radiation, and a dozen surgeries, her courage and bravery were the driving force behind creating Laurmé.

My greatest desire is to create a skin care line that is gentle, safe, and effective, yielding the results she craved when her skin was at its worst. To that end, I feel fortunate to be offering support to all women who suffer from skin issues, and also making a difference along the way.

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