Laurmé is simple, clean, multi-functional skin care.

Bring serenity back into your every day.

Bring serenity back into your every day.

Emerge with radiant skin and a more gentle state of mind.

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"Gentle but cleansing.
Nice and creamy. Skin doesn't feel pulled tight afterwards, yet it really cleans my face and does remove eye makeup too."

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"You need this!
this mask smells fantastic, feels great, and leaves my skin soft and refreshed. It's my new favorite skincare treat!"

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"Amazing Cream!
This cream is so lightweight yet very moisturizing. I have really sensitive skin and have a lot of difficulty finding products that don’t cause my skin to react. My face feels so soft and smooth! This is the best face cream I’ve ever found."

Age is Powerful

We believe...Our differences, our wisdom, and our confidence makes us stronger. Age does not define what we are, it reinforces our ability to better know who we are.


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